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Heating Oil Price Update

Heating oil price stagnates for the 3rd week in a row. This results in great prices for the end customer but squeezes the profit margin for small independents like us. The reason for this lull is that the pound is at its strongest since 2008 against the dollar (buy those dollars now if your holidaying in America) and supply has no issues coming in despite the high winds. As it stands for the future, the relatively low prices are here to stay.
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Are we going to see any snow this winter?

It’s not looking like it. Longer term forecast still tell us that there is a chance, but they have been saying that all winter. All this mild weather has had a great effect on the price of heating oil. Today the price has got to its lowest for 17 months, with a national average of 55-57ppl (depending on volume). How long it will last is anyone’s guess.
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Heating oil up dates?  email Graham@RyeOil.co.uk

Heating Oil price updates are sent out two-four Times a year. These emails will contain what the price of kerosene has done and what the current price and availability is in Kent and East Sussex.

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