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Winter Is Coming

Did you notice the chill in the air this morning?  The price of oil in currently on a low, it maybe a good idea to take advantage of this movment. Demand will only push the price up in weeks to come.

It should also be noted that the last time we had an El Nino winter (2009/2010) it gave us the longest spell of freezing weather for 30 years. General predictions are that we will have a lengthy spell of cold weather this winter as in 2009/2010. When it will start is the big question they cant answer.

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War And Peace Show

Another great show. The weather was challenging but made it all the more fun. We are still accepting orders at the war and peace stall prices for everyone who came to the show, so get those orders in before we revert to the normal retail.

It should also be noted that we can now supply you our equivalent lubricants and greases using just the military or Nato spec

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Heating oil up dates?  email Graham@RyeOil.co.uk

Heating Oil price updates are sent out two-four Times a year. These emails will contain what the price of kerosene has done and what the current price and availability is in Kent and East Sussex.

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7am-5pm Mon-Fri

8.15am-10.15am Saturday Only (call in advance to check)

Kerosene (heating oil) and Gas oil can also be collected from our forecourt pump during these times.


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